Aneryn is an independent project about invention comprised of engineers, artists and any kind of creators, where innovation and creativity join together.

A place where science and art break their differences and flux together in their common: the imagination.

PAD extract
  • Convert .PAD reports to a database
  • Extract all pictures
  • Extract faulty components data
  • Determine if faults are real faults or false alarms
  • Software Support
Manual + PAD extract
220 €300
  • Have full control over Orbotech Trion 2340 AOI machine
  • Minimize false alarms & escapes
  • Convert .PAD reports to a database
  • Fast & easy set up
  • AOI Machine & Software Support
  • Learn how to programme the machine easily
  • Minimize false alarms & escapes
  • Save time, save money
  • Full explanations with pictures A complete Guide
  • AOI Machine Support

Upcoming Creations

Iberian Lynx Camera Trap


Camera trap project especially designed for Iberian Lynx.

A complete state-of-the-art camera trap technology in animal ecology and a camera trap design.

What We Do

We can provide solutions for industry with custom software. Programming using the powerful tool Qt and C++ any requirement is possible. We offer a wide range of applications. Just contact us for further information.

Our team is comprised of electronic, control and mechanical engineers. We can carry out engineering projects of any type. Please, contact us for inquiries.

Aneryn is also art. The platform is available for local and indie artist. If you want to join us or sell your work here, we can provide this space to any artist/engineer/creator who shares our goals. Contact us for further information.