No, we are not!

Aneryn is an indie project formed by engineers and artists. Our goal is to have a space to share, distribute and sell creations. No matter if it’s an engineering project, a software or a painting, as long as imagination is involved, it’s welcomed to Aneryn.

Aneryn is imagination and innovation. We believe art and engineering have synergy between them. Creativity through art improves logic through engineering, and vice versa.

Empathy ─ We offer what we would like to find as clients. We don’t treat people as wallets with legs.

Soul ─ Our creations answer what we like to do, not what makes more money. Soul over comerciality is what you can find in Aneryn.

Freedom ─ It’s a basic in our developments. No prejudges and an open mind to truly innovate.

For sure! Aneryn is conformed by electronic engineers, control engineers and mechanical engineers. With knowledge in C, C++, Java, Qt, Matlab and so on we can develop any engineering/software need you have.

Just contact us for further information.

Our electronic, control and mechanical engineers are at your service to develop any engineering project.

Please contact us for inquiries.

Sure! From artists to engineers, Aneryn is a space to promote imagination and innovation.

Either if you are a local artist or an engineer, you can distribute and sell your work in Aneryn.

If you are an indie artist/engineer/creator, contact us for information.

As flat as a ball.