Orbotech Trion 2340 Manual

A complete Orbotech Trion 2340 PDF Manual with pictures and step-by-step explanations to set up the AOI machine easily.

Minimize false alarms and escapes rate. Learn how to programme and configure the AOI machine and how to test resistors, capacitors, inductors and IC chips.

150 tax incl.

Set up and learn how to programme Orbotech Trion 2340 with this complete Manual.

It explains with full details how to test resistors, capacitors, inductors and IC components. How to train new components and shapes and how to connect the AOI machine to your network. Furthermore, it explains how to configure flash levels, fiducial marks, skip marks, mutilboards, how to manage machine reports and all configuration parameters.

With this Manual, you will minimize false alarms and escapes rate and boost fault detection performance. Spending a minimal amount of time.

It’s a complete step-by-step Guide with explanations and pictures.

Have a new PCB fully configured in a few days. Have all of your board perfectly tested, saving time, saving money.

  • Pages: 64
  • Pictures: 64
  • Chapters: 26
  • Free chapters:

1 — Introduce a Board

23 — Test Reports

24 — Network Connection

  • Language: English

This is not the Official Manual. It is an Extended PDF Manual with pictures supposed to be used in conjunction with User and Operator Manuals from Orbotech, as a step-by-step Tutorial with full explanations and pictures.

It can be useful for others Orbotech AOI models, as long as machine software remains the same. Contact us for further information.



1 — Introduce a Board (Manual Mode) · DOWNLOAD it for FREE!

2 — Remove a Board (Manual Mode)

3 — CAD Conversion Profile

4 — CAD Data

5 — Send a CAD .txt File

6 — Tag Components

7 — Configuration of Fiducial Marks

8 — Test Polarity in IC Components

9 — Test Skip Marks

10 — Test Legs/Pins in IC Components

11 — Test IC Components

12 — Measure Tool

13 — Flash Levels

14 — Stopper

15 — Multiboard

16 — Global Height Sync.

17 — Test Resistors

18 — Test Capacitors

19 — Test Inductors

20 — Training New Components (Shapes)

21 — Test in Manual Mode

22 — Test in Automatic Mode

23 — Test Reports · DOWNLOAD it for FREE!

24 — Network Connection · DOWNLOAD it for FREE!

25 — Bar Code

26 — Handle Magazines


We provide full support to set up Orbotech Trion 2340 AOI machine with a perfect rate of false alarms and escapes.

Please, for support write an e-mail to aneryn@aneryn.com.

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